Corporate Social Responsibility

Gardner Leader have been at the heart of Berkshire for nearly 120 years, and are respected and trusted at the centre of our community. We have close links with Swings & Smiles (our current Firm Charity), supporting them through fundraising, staff volunteering, and providing free legal advice. Our staff also engage in a variety of other charitable events. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means managing our business responsibly for long term success. Our success also means that we can fulfil our responsibilities to the community in which we operate. Our CSR Committee meets twice yearly, and consists of staff from across the firm.

Gardner Leader supports the community through Community Investment, which includes working with charities and businesses, pro bono work, fund raising, volunteering, sponsorships, and the environment. We aim to find solutions and find ways to help those in our community succeed.

Involving our employees in the community brings benefits. Our employees gain in understanding, confidence and self-esteem. Being recognised in the community also helps Gardner Leader to attract people. Our strategy is to encourage people to fulfil their potential, creating an enjoyable and fulfilling working environment.

To view our Autumn 2018 CSR Report please click here.

Firm Charity of the Year

Following consultation with staff across the firm, Gardner Leader chooses a Firm Charity of the Year. The Firm Charity is currently Swings & Smiles. The purpose of nominating a charity is not to be restrictive or exclude the possibility of working with other causes. Rather, it is a matter of focusing our efforts on particular causes and to work with the nominated charity in order to maximise our impact on their campaigns, as well as benefiting from the input they give Gardner Leader and its staff. We value our charity connections and the rich experiences they share with us.

To find out more about the invaluable work that Swings & Smiles does, please watch the video below.

Visit our JustGiving page here.