Pricing Policy

Our approach to pricing involves making sure that we understand what matters to you. Your peace of mind is important to us and having a clear understanding of what our work is likely to cost is a major factor in that.

We have trained our lawyers so that they can provide you with that peace of mind by making it clear from the beginning:

  • What we will be doing for you
  • What we will not be doing
  • What it is likely to cost
  • How that cost will be calculated
  • What assumptions we have made to arrive at that likely cost

It is important that there are no surprises and that you can predict your budget and likely cost with as much certainty as possible. The price for our work should always reflect the value you receive. All of this will be documented in writing before we begin work.

Whenever you instruct us, we will set out what will be involved and who will be doing the work. Wherever possible, we will offer you a choice of pricing options. Some clients prefer to pay on an hourly rate while others want the certainty of a fixed price for the work. By involving you in that choice, we will be able to agree a pricing approach which suits you.

In more complex matters, the pricing options may include different ways of sharing the risk. You might, for example, prefer a price which is related to the result of the case.

If we are not able to price the whole piece of work at the outset, perhaps because it is not yet clear exactly what will be involved, we will agree a pricing arrangement for each stage as soon as we are able to do so. It may be that you will prefer an hourly rate for the initial work and then a fixed fee for the rest once the scope becomes clear. Many combinations are possible, all with the aim of making sure that you get clarity, transparency and a pricing structure you are happy with.

There are some areas of work where we are required by our regulator to give an indication of our pricing structure for typical cases on our website. You can find those details below.

Our Policies

Residential Property: Price & Service Information

Motoring Offences: Price & Service Information

Employment: Price & Service Information

Debt Recovery: Price & Service Information

Probate: Price & Service Information

Even in those cases however, once we have been able to speak to you, we will tailor a price to suit your specific circumstances and preferences.

We believe that our approach is different from many of our competitors and feedback from our clients suggests that they agree – they like the detailed scope of the work which we provide, the choice of pricing options and the collaborative approach to finding an option that works.

If you would like to make a payment please see our ways to pay.