Motoring Offences: Guilty Pleas


What is involved in a typical case?

The work included in our fixed fee will be:

  • the initial meeting with you.
  • advising on the strength of the case against you.
  • advising you as to your plea.
  • advising you as to likely sentence.
  • preparation for the sentencing hearing.
  • attendance at and representation of you at the sentencing hearing.
  • all travelling and waiting time at court.

The fixed fee will not include:

  • advice on appeal.
  • conduct of “Special Reasons” “Exceptional Hardship” or “Newton Hearings”.
  • taking statements from witnesses other than character witness statements.
  • travelling time and costs if the case is dealt with other than at a local court.
What assumptions have we made?
  • That your case will be disposed of in one hearing.
  • That your case will not involve the giving of evidence of “Exceptional Hardship” or “Special Reasons”.
  • That your case will not involve a “Newton Hearing” (held to determine the basis of your guilty plea). These are very rarely needed.
  • That your case will not involve the obtaining of expert witness evidence.
What factors might mean your case is more complex?
  • If there is an international element to the case.
  • If there is need for evidence to be given by you or another to the court in connection with a “Special Reasons” or “Exceptional Hardship” argument or in regard to a “Newton Hearing”.
  • In any case where a death or serious injury has resulted from the driving or where substantial damage has been caused.
  • Where there is a need to interpret Tachometer evidence or other technical evidence for example in regard to vehicle defects etc.
How much would a typical case cost?

In an initial one hour appointment (charged at £300 per hour plus VAT) we will assess the evidence, advise on plea and likely sentence. We will discuss pricing options to assist you in further preparation of your case and of representing you at the initial hearing.

Typically these cases take approximately six hours to advise on, prepare and attend at court to represent you. If you choose to pay on an hourly rate, our estimate is a cost of £1,800 plus VAT.

Or, you may choose a fixed fee which though slightly higher at £2,000 plus VAT avoids uncertainty if your case is not dealt with promptly on the hearing date. (Court hearings are often delayed by the volume of work in the court on any given day.)

What would we have to pay to others on your behalf?

The only additional expense we would expect is travelling expenses.

How long would a typical case take?

Most guilty plea cases are disposed of at the first hearing which is normally within four weeks of charge/summons.

Who would be handling my case?

Motoring offences are dealt with by our criminal lawyer Stephen Bennett.

Stephen’s profile can be found here.