From the outset this company have been not only friendly but professional and efficient, their actions have reassured us at every stage that they are the right choice for us.
Andrew took time to listen to the entire history and to understand all our concerns. He then gave clear guidance on the legal aspects of our dispute. Andrew's guidance has been invaluable and should enable us to deal with a very difficult neighbour with more confidence in our actions.
Andrew did a fantastic job in understanding a complex issue and distilling the information down to clearly present our case. After a little tooing and froing the other side backed down completely. A big result for us!
First time in using Gardner Leader, Andrew Shipp as our business commercial solicitors and very pleased with the information, support and the outcome of our dispute resolution. Thank you so much for your help.
Andrew Shipp of Gardner Leader was highly recommended to me by a close friend and he fulfilled my expectations at every stage in the case where I was delighted with the outcome and I would have no hesitation in recommending the company in the future.
Andrew Shipp provided comprehensive and timely support on our case. Even though, at times, we received an automated email informing us he was not available on that day, he still promptly responded to our inquiries.
I had a very complicated case that was needlessly litigated all the way by the opposing party, It is only thanks to Gardner Leaders' Andrew Shipp, carefully and fully appreciating the issues and the nature of the litigation and was able to bring it to a very successful conclusion.